Welcome to the team, Stephanie

We’re delighted to announce that Stephanie Smith has joined Airangel as European Account Manager. She will serve as a link of communication between our customers and internal teams, in order to acquire a thorough understanding of customer needs and requirements. Stephanie has a significant track record in account management, along with a wealth of industry…


How to Leverage Free WiFi to Push App Downloads

It’s been a monumental decade in the history of mobile technology. From the launch of the App Store on Apple’s promising-but-expensive iPhone in 2008, smartphone adoption has risen dramatically. Today, smartphone adoption worldwide is around 66%, generating over 175 billion app downloads in 2017 alone. Quite simply, it’s a digital goldrush as businesses, brands and…


Why 5G Won’t Replace WiFi

Ever since the earliest days of the internet, the trajectory of download speeds has only moved in one direction – upwards. From dial-up to broadband, LAN to wireless and 2G to 4G mobile broadband, we’ve enjoyed a constantly improving service, no matter whether we’re in the home, out on the street or in a business.

Gathering User Feedback

We believe that it would be impossible to innovate and improve the platform without the help of those that use it most. That’s why last week we introduced a Net Promoter Score NPS question on the platform to help us get that direct feedback from all our admin system users.