Gathering User Feedback

We believe that it would be impossible to innovate and improve the platform without the help of those that use it most. That’s why last week we introduced a Net Promoter Score NPS question on the platform to help us get that direct feedback from all our admin system users. 

Guest WiFi – Does Speed Matter?

Guest WiFi can be something of a tricky proposition for many businesses. Everyone knows they need it, but implementing it properly? That’s another issue entirely. Off-the-shelf consumer grade technology simply isn’t suited to the demands of commercially operated guest WiFi and the systems used to manage them don’t offer the flexibility required to keep these…


Implement a Consistent User Experience Across Your Entire Estate

“Our guests now receive a consistent experience with a once in a lifetime login and this significantly improved our customer satisfaction scores for WiFi. We are the first global chain to provide such experience in every country we operate.” – Floor Bleeker – CIO, Mövenpick Group Airangel’s cloud-first solution, Genisys, offers hotel managers the opportunity…