Guest Internet access and WiFi in particular, however, is no longer a luxury – it’s now considered a vital part of delivering the highest standard of service The Ritz is renowned for. So when Glenn and Richard Isted, IT managers at The Ritz, were tasked with reviewing their ageing guest high speed Internet access facilities, fast, robust and reliable WiFi access became a renewed priority.

[aerious_blockquote text=”Our guest Internet connection really struggled to deal with the nuances of a hotel that was built at the turn of the century…We needed a system that could cope with walls up to twelve inches thick, that we could manage easily and that could guarantee fast and reliable guest access 24/7″]

The activnet solution used Ruckus wall-plate access points for all bedrooms, as they enable an almost disruption-free, invisible installation on an “inside out” basis. As a result, the thickness of the walls is no longer an issue and the hotel is now able to guarantee complete signal coverage in every room and suite. The project was completed in just twelve weeks during which time 160 new cables and a 1Gb fibre leased line were installed providing speeds of up to 400 Mbps for all guests to share.


Airangel provides The Ritz with a simple one-page branded portal through which guests and visitors are able to access the Internet from their preferred device and platform using just their name and room number or a VIP/event code. The solution also allows key staff and event organisers to create and issue easily recognisable custom access codes in advance of events. This enables specific connection parameters and dates to be setup to suit the needs
and usage patterns for each individual or group.

The GeniSys cloud platform allows Duty Managers to profile guests while they are online to determine the right level of service and connection speed for each device. With up to 50 Mbps upload and 50 Mbps download speeds per guest, The Ritz takes pride in being one of the fastest connected hotels in London.


Duty Managers can also easily set different charging rates for each connection package, although since the solution has been in place, WiFi has been provided free to all guests and will continue to be offered on a complimentary basis.

More importantly for The Ritz, however, Airangel allows Duty Managers to provide personalised support to guests in their rooms should any problems arise with their connection or login process. This means The Ritz is able to maintain the same high standard of personal service with its Guest WiFi that it does elsewhere in the hotel. Should the Duty Manager not be able to resolve a technical problem they have access to Airangel’s helpdesk support 24/7.

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