The Coast and Country brand which is owned by Shearings Holidays is currently investing in updating the guest internet capabilities, delivering 100Mb superfast broadband connections to each of its hotels. In addition, the new wireless infrastructure, supplied and managed by Airangel, will ensure that each room, of which there are over a thousand in total, plus all public areas will have ubiquitous WiFi coverage throughout.

Coast and Country Hotels are renowned for providing a relaxing stay in properties located in delightful settings throughout the UK. Travellers can usually expect to find pools, gyms, and spas to help them unwind. With guest satisfaction high on the agenda, the provision of superior WiFi will be a welcome addition. Customers will have reliable access to the internet to view and stream online entertainment and to keep in touch with family and friends. Business users, who rely on a fast connection to work remotely, join video conferences, or to host meetings and events will find this to be a valuable benefit.

The Airangel service includes benefits such as a user-friendly login process that provides a consistent branded experience across all eighteen properties, options for access packages for basic and premium services, a management dashboard and reporting suite that enables the hotels to monitor usage and to set bandwidth limits, and the means to collect user data for use in ongoing marketing campaigns.

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