For 15 years, Airangel have been designing, implementing and managing WiFi Installations for large enterprise Hotel chains and, more recently, build-to-rent residential complexes across the globe.

Our cloud-based WiFi Management software has been built from the ground using our decades of knowledge in the hospitality sector.

Our software offers the end user unrivalled access and insight into their wireless network with the ability to create secure, private network, manage and deploy separate conference networks and monitor the health and security of your entire wireless estate.





Setup new residents in seconds and manage their WiFi through our easy-to-use dashboards


Place your brand at the heart of your WiFi. The user journey is completely customisable.


Create WiFi networks for your Event Spaces with our Conference Tool


Allow your guests to create a private network within their hotel room, just like home!


Engage with your guests using our in built email engine, status pages or the portal itself!


Integrate your loyalty programmes with the Guest WiFI. Encourage guest sign-up with insentivised WiFi.


Airangel have been creating, implementing & managing WiFI Solutions for enterprise hotel brands for the last 13 years. Our cloud-first solution allows for simple management, maintenance & agile development.

The Airangel solution is installed on any existing hotel network, and works in tandem with your current system integrator. A true quick-win enabling a single guest experience, brand compliance and a consolidated picture of performance across geographically diverse estates.

By integrating the Airangel solution with other hospitality systems and by sharing and combining the guest data, and defining actions, it opens real opportunities to redefine and personalise the guest experience.

Integrate Existing Loyalty Programmes

Reward loyal customers with a differentiated experience by using our powerful API which allows you to integrate your existing loyalty reward schemes, like GHA Discovery, Cendyn, Dailypoint, into the guest journey, offering you the chance to incentivise sign-up and tie it directly into the WiFi experience.

Bespoke User Experience

Your brand identity will be front and centre of your guest experience, Airangel provide tools to design a guest experience that fits. We’ll never ask the same questions twice, we’ll never show a portal unnecessarily, removing friction and rewarding loyalty at every opportunity.

Engage With Your Guests

Using the Airangel Platform’s marketing engine, you’re able to create informative status pages, e-shots, quick-fire questions & messages that can be triggered depending on the user, date, time and location.


WiFi is an essential utility, like heat or hot water, and property owners can use a quality WiFi service to make their buildings more competitive and desirable to prospective tenants. The Airangel team can help developers and property managers benefit from market-leading wireless and broadband infrastructure to deliver value to residents.

Our solution, designed specifically for the private rental sector, allows property managers to take control of the building’s connectivity. Airangel provide both the fiber connectivity and the tools to easily manage the WiFi network.

Airangel Residential, our easy-to-use management platform, allows residents to have connectivity and their own private wired and wireless network from day one. Building managers or residents have the option to easily upgrade internet packages and available bandwidth in just a few clicks.

Day One Connectivity

Residents are assigned their own private SSID from day one. Before the new tenant arrives their details are added to the WiFi management console. Once added they receive a simple text email with their personal network name and password.

No Lengthy Contracts

There are no contracts to sign and residents are online straight away. The wireless network works like any home wireless network, with residents able to connect their IoT devices, games consoles and personal computers securely through the encrypted SSID. When the tenant leaves, simply remove them from the system and the network is ready to be reassigned to the next tenant.

Our Commitment to Personal Data, Privacy & Information Security

Airangel is committed to ensuring the protection of Personal Data, and the rights and freedoms of all Data Subjects, whether acting as the Data Controller, or when processing Personal Data on behalf of our Clients, and their end users. This commitment is not limited to GDPR, and extends outside of the boundaries of the European Economic Area. As such, our approach takes into account the varying Privacy Laws and legislative requirements on a global scale.

Whilst the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations add a number of key improvements and a harmonisation of standards, the core principles relating to the processing of personal data largely remain the same, and as such Airangel are building on our existing foundation of privacy protection, to ensure we continue to improve and embrace the requirement to demonstrate accountability. As such, Airangel are taking a multi-dimensional approach, focusing on not just technical features, but technical and organisational controls.


Airangel Web Shield is a cloud based content filtering solution for your WiFi environment. It provides a secure setting for WiFi guests to browse online by preventing exposure to inappropriate content and protecting the integrity of the network by blocking malware.

The solution enables the administrator to centrally control an infinite amount of WiFi access points, locations and traffic making the solution simple to manage and boundlessly scalable.


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