Airangel are delighted to be able to offer our customers Next Generation Hotspot authentication. Next Generation Hotspot encompasses Hotspot 2.0 and OpenRoaming to provide a seamless experience for your loyal guests.

Hotspot 2.0 is a turn-key end-to-end solution that gives your guests a frictionless, portal-less, way to access your secure guest network. The guest needs only to download a onetime profile to their device and they’re online. No need to reauthenticate every 5 minutes, and no need to search for the correct SSID, the guest will automatically authenticate as soon as they enter the property.

Through our partnership with the Wireless Broadband Alliance, we are proud to offer our customers OpenRoaming. OpenRoaming is a new industry standard that looks to offer guests and visitors the chance to roam outside of your brand estate with the possibility to generate revenue through Sim Offloading.

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The platform has been continuously developed and improved to meet the needs of global top tier brands and we continue to innovate in order to deliver the best guest experience possible.

By adopting Airangel’s Network Management Platform you gain access to a multitude of tools that will improve both your guest and resident experience and the security and compliance of your brand.

We love integrating with other solutions. We currently have integrations with GHA Discovery (guest loyalty), Pulse (guest feedback), Kickbox (email verification), and a webhook integration with Cendyn. No additional equipment is usually needed.

Treat your loyal customers differently.



Airangel’s Conference Tool has been developed to be as simple as possible. We set out to ensure it was as easy to setup a private network experience for an event as it is to set up an outlook appointment.

Events can be created on the fly for last minute conferences or setup months in advance to spin up exactly when they’re needed.

Bandwidth can be prioritised to ensure that those that need it most, like the CEO or those that are presenting, get priority over attendees.

Organisers receive their own dashboard, to see what’s happening during the event, and receive a post event summary


Network Access Control

Hoteliers are looking for ways to make it easier and more secure to connect IT managed devices to their networks. These devices could include back office equipment, public digital displays, IoT, and conferencing equipment.

With Airangel’s Network Access Control service you can use MAC and or external authentication services to grant access to privileged network services, whilst keeping in line with your network policies.

Asset Management & Alerting

Hoteliers want to simplify support for their first line teams so they can reduce the time it takes to resolve issues.

Having a single support tool that they can use which give them all the details they need to triage an issue.

Allow platform users and support team to view and monitor network assets in real time and be updated when there’s a change in their status

For Residential Apartments


The growing trend in Build to Rent and PRS is to ensure residents have everything they need bundled into one single monthly rent package. Heating, electricity, rent and water is put into one easy to digest package to eliminate all the worries the tenant may have.

Why should internet access be an exception to this? With Airangel’s residential WiFi, residents can be setup and connected on Day One with the costs of the WiFI bundled into the cost of the rent and other services.

Residents are easily on-boarded through the Airangel WiFi dashboard or through an integration with the Property Management System . Once the customer send through their details and are confirmed to be moving in, the admin simply sets up the resident apartment and sends an email containing sign-in information. Once settled into the apartment, the resident can do a simple password reset and create their own for added security.



Most Build to Rent complexes now consist of multiple break-out areas for community get togethers and spaces for residents to relax. These areas can be services by guest networks so residents can still access WiFi away from their rooms.

Furthermore, these guest networks can be useful tools to let residents know of goings on around the complex and garner information such as email address to add to your mailing lists.

Residents get access to manage their account and network either through the web or embed it into your own App.



With the Captivnet Resident WiFi Manager, your residents can login and manage their WiFi through a secure self service portal. The Resident portal can be hosted on a URL that is bespoke for your property and can be branded as much or as little as you wish.

They can manage their personal data, name, email address and SSID password. Residents can also upgrade to pre determined WiFi packages set by you.

By giving your residents control over their WiFi experience it will deminish internet related issues and ensure they have the experience that is suited to their lifestyle.

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