fdxtended HSMX Gateway

From the 30th of November 2020 support of HSMX has ended.

The fdxtended business was acquired by Airangel in 2017, the HSMX appliance and its partner base formed part of this deal. Airangel never sold HSMX to its direct customers and since the ​acquisition, the world’s leading hotels have migrated their guest internet services to the Airangel Captivnet cloud.

Feature development on the fdxtended HSMX Gateway stopped in 2017 and it reached end-of-support status in November 2020. The final patch, released in January 2021, removed the call-home license checks. Partners have been advised that HSMX will not receive new features, security, or system updates. Any devices not updated before December 2022 will cease to function.

A number of HSMX security vulnerabilities were published in December 2021. We are advising the few remaining HSMX gateway users to disable remote access, remove HSMX from their networks and to replace with Captivnet.

Captivnet is the leading cloud-based WiFi management platform. This technology will assist in creating an enhanced user experience within your property through improved functionality, user engagement, security, and much more.

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