Airangel has developed a world class platform for delivering high quality internet services to Hotel brands and Residential operators. The platform is available for large system integrators and service providers to white-label and run as a service offering.


Are you struggling to keep up with the evolving standards of the top tier brands, do you need an off the shelf, one stop shop solution for Marriott GPNS 2020 compliance?


Details of the two types of partner are outlined below:

Referral partners will pass opportunities to Airangel who will then drive the sale and contact direct with the customer.

Airangel pay a finder’s fee for any successful introduction made. There are no volume commitments and no technical training is required.

A typical platform partner may have an existing estate of more than 25 properties where they already offer network based services such as TV, Telephony, HSIA.

The partner will commit to minimum order quantity and enrol on the Airangel training programme.

The partner will have at least 2 people trained on the Airangel system and will provide 1st and 2nd line support and pre-sales technical expertise. Available discounts are set dependent on volume commitment levels.


What is the referral fee?0-3 projects = 5%

4-5= 10%

6 and above = 20%
How do Airangel log and track deals that have been referred?Referral@airangel.comN/A
What if a referred deal is already being worked on by Airangel?No referral will be availableCommercials will be equal, let the customer decide
How does a referral partner log a deal with Airangel?Referral@airangel.comN/A
What marketing materials are available for partners to share with customers?Airangel branded / co branded for large opportunitiesCopy and visuals as required
What is the minimum commitment level to become a platform partner?The partner must have a qualified lead and a completed referral agreement.Must have an existing estate of 100+ hotels

£10,000 up-front payment which incorporates Technical and Platform training 2 days in Warrington or online.
Do partners pay for training?N/A£10k covers training 1 full day technical training at Airangel HQ
Is the training sales or technical?N/ATechnical
How long does the training take?N/A1 full day, repeated as required
How often do partners need to undertake training?
What support do we get as a platform partner?N/AAccess to Sharepoint Site
Do Airangel provide gateways to platform partners?N/APlatform partners will provide their own hardware.
What marketing assistance do we get?Access to website materialsDirect marketing support