Raising a ticket, or troubleshooting an issue, has never been easier with Helpdesk; Airangel’s ticket raising, ticket tracking and knowledge base centre. We understand how frustrating it can be when issues arise. You want the problem to be sorted out as quickly as possible, especially if the issue impacts your
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September 8, 2022

Guest Engagement

We understand that engaging with your guests is vital for any hotel group. Guest engagement can be used to boost revenue, increase loyalty membership enrollments and help you add a personal touch to bring back visitors. We recognise the importance of communication with your guests which is why we encourage
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We are proud and excited to announce a strategic partnership with Proaxis to deliver highly-innovative hotel technology services to hotel groups throughout eastern Europe, including: Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania, Kosovo and Boznia. Proaxis are the highest-selling Ruckus reseller in eastern Europe, and currently work with some of the largest local
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**UPDATE** We have applied a fix to our Captive Portal Networks to ensure guests using Windows 11 are redirect to the Portal page. Click here to see the Changelog.   Released late last year, Windows 11 is the latest version of the Windows operating system. Unfortunately for us, and for
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Why ignoring end of life timelines is a bad idea A more accurate headline to accompany last week’s Techcrunch article would be “Security flaws found in a legacy guest Wi-Fi system once used in hundreds of hotels”. That aside the discovery of the FDXtended HSMX Gateway vulnerabilities reminds us all
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