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A note from Chris Airey, Chief Compliance Officer

“With the introduction of GDPR, Airangel is closely monitoring the needs of our customers and will constantly update and adapt our policies in line with the new regulations.

Airangel has adopted a ‘Privacy by Design’ approach to ensure that clients remain in line with GDPR best practices. Furthermore, we make it possible for our customers to be in complete control of the data they choose to collect and store.”

Our Commitment to Personal Data, Privacy & Information Security

Airangel is committed to ensuring the protection of Personal Data, and the rights and freedoms of all Data Subjects, whether acting as the Data Controller, or when processing Personal Data on behalf of our Clients, and their end users. This commitment is not limited to GDPR, and extends outside of the boundaries of the European Economic Area. As such, our approach takes into account the varying Privacy Laws and legislative requirements on a global scale.

Whilst the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations add a number of key improvements and a harmonisation of standards, the core principles relating to the processing of personal data largely remain the same, and as such Airangel are building on our existing foundation of privacy protection, to ensure we continue to improve and embrace the requirement to demonstrate accountability. As such, Airangel are taking a multi-dimensional approach, focusing on not just technical features, but technical and organisational controls.

Chris Airey


    Chris holds all the associated skills and experience, including qualified internal ISO Lead Implementer, Lead Auditor, GDPR Practitioner, and a member of the HTNG GDPR workgroup, making him an invaluable resource for customer and partners for help and advice on how to present the guest with a tailored onboarding experience, whilst ensuring terms & conditions, privacy policies and marketing opt-ins all follow GDPR best practice.

    Organisational Qualifications & Certification


    IEC/ISO 9001:2015Quality Management System
    IEC/ISO 27001:2016Information Security Management System
    ISO27001 Lead Implementer (GASQ Accredited)Certified ISO27001 Lead Implementation
    ISO27001 Lead Auditor (GASQ Accredited)Certified ISO27001 Lead Auditor
    GDPR Foundation (GASQ Accredited)Fundamental Principles of GDPR
    GDPR Practitioner (GASQ Accredited) 

    The status reports provide transparency around service availability and performance for Airangel products.

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    International Data Protection and Compliance

    Airangel WiFi solutions are installed in over 40 countries. Our dedicated Compliance Officer is continually monitoring and updating our policies and procedures to ensure that our products meet all of the international data protection laws and regulations. 

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    Airangel Web Shield is a cloud based content filtering solution for your WiFi environment. It provides a secure setting for WiFi guests to browse online by preventing exposure to inappropriate content and protecting the integrity of the network by blocking malware.

    The solution enables the administrator to centrally control an infinite amount of WiFi access points, locations and traffic making the solution simple to manage and boundlessly scalable.