Troubleshoot Your WiFi Before It Troubles You.

One problem with today’s traditional network monitoring systems is that they only provide part of the picture. The technology stack may be reporting all green lights but what they ultimately miss is what the guest is experiencing. This is where WiFi Assure steps in.

By providing a vendor agnostic guest Wi-Fi experience monitoring platform that is designed to complement traditional network monitoring. Airangel gives you the tools to create a virtual guest to quickly identify performance issues, which negatively affect WiFi experience, and even guide you to the root cause.


How Does WiFi Assure Work?

WiFi Assure is a cloud service, which provides network managers with a complete insight into the user experience. Our diverse sensors connect to equipment on your network, stream data from external partners, and run tests from an App to instantly provide real-time insights and build a trend of how the WiFi is performing from a guest perspective.

WiFi Assure can take data from multiple WiFi enabled devices. Anything connected to the wireless network can be used as a data point to create dynamic service heatmaps of your venue.

A Secure Wireless Network.

WiFi Assure constantly monitors key metrics and configurations and can quickly detect any changes. Whether it’s a port on a firewall, rogue AP’s or at-risk firmware. WiFi Assure builds a constant picture of your estate’s security compliance and gives you actionable insights guiding you to where improvements and fixes need to be made.


Benchmark & Drive Continuous Improvement.

With WiFi Assure we enable benchmarking and comparison of KPI’s across vendors, brands and system integrators. This can be used to drive improvements, target capex investments and manage partnerships.

WiFi Assure gives you absolute insight into the Guest’s WiFi Experience, giving you the data to make important business decisions regarding your Guest’s experience.

Compare and contrast all aspects of your WiFi Network and Guest Experience against all properties in your hotel group and see where you’re getting the most out of your infrastructure.

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