WiFi Solution for Wyndham Worldwide 

Genisys is a cloud based WiFi platform that enables easy internet access for your guests, real time customer engagement, and a suite of marketing tools and reports. In addition, our networking tools allow you to manage your wireless estate across multiple sites and hardware types, ensuring you have complete control.

The Admin Portal at the heart of Genisys is an easy-to-use management platform that gives you the ability to choose how your guests or visitors access the Internet and informs you precisely what is happening on your network.

There are three entry levels – from a pre-configured network to a fully managed service. Options for both guest and venue support services are available with all solutions. (See below)


Level 1

  • Includes a pre-configured gateway which connects directly into your network. Software as a Service can be enabled with a range of existing gateways or cloud managed routers
  • Login Options – Social, email, paid, quick connect and voucher
  • Reporting across your entire network, including: Guest, network and financial reports
  • Create your own portal, from within the dashboard, with your own brand identity
  • Redirect to any landing page giving you the option to create revenue from advertising
  • Package management with multiple billing options
  • Integration with existing reward schemes
  • Capture customer data which can be downloaded or pushed into a CRM or email marketing database
  • Roaming – Travel to any hotel in the group, anywhere in the world, and connect instantly

Level 2

Features to make your guest’s experience truly unique

  • Personal Area Networks – connect all your devices to your own, secure, network
  • Injection Jets – Inject content into your guest’s browser, such as hotel services and advertisements, allowing for powerful guest engagement.
  • Roaming – Travel to any hotel in the group, anywhere in the world, and connect instantly
  • Conference Management – Create specific SSIDs for events and conferences
  • Advanced Networking

Level 3

Fully managed installation and support

  • Full installation carried out by Airangel engineers
  • Dedicated 24/7 support team
  • Access to our customer support portal which grants you real time access to our support team

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